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Entity Setup

Right And Wrong Business Incorporation Methods

– And Little Pointers That Will Save You $1,000s


Business owners realize that they need to incorporate their business to qualify for financing, funding and even to protect their home and personal assets from lawsuits and legal actions. So many go online and try to find the cheapest company to incorporate their business for them. Unfortunately, many learn the hard way, that these companies lack the expertise to be able to set their companies up properly. As a result, many of them pay $1,000s of dollars in unnecessary taxes and lawsuits each and every year.

A corporation isn’t just another number on your checklist of things to do when setting up a business. It serves a very valuable function. One, it does provide a shield of protection around your personal assets from anything unforeseen that may happen with your business (ex. lawsuits, creditors, etc.). Two, it should provide you with the maximum amount of tax advantages for your type of business. This is the mistake of many entrepreneurs. They have an online company, and in many instances a lawyer, set up their corporation. A lawyer tends to primarily focus on pre-litigation planning. So they tend to set up business entities that provide you with legal protection and give little or no thought to a business entity that is the most tax advantaged.


Protect Yourself From Being BURNED By Incorporation Companies Who Over-Represent Their Skill Level

So when tax time comes around, many small business owners needlessly pay $10s of $1,000s of dollars unnecessarily to the IRS and state each year because they don’t have the best type of entity set up for their business to get the most tax benefits.

Here at Cooper’s Accounting Service, we are expert in setting up the perfect business entity for your business. First we consult with you, find out your personal and business goals, and then help you to determine the BEST tax advantaged business entity for you that also gives you optimal legal protection as well. This is all part of the ‘C.A.S. Advantage’.

Business Entity set up includes everything needed to set up your:

  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • PLLCs
  • Professional Corporations (P.C.)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Nonprofits
  • Not for profits
  • Religious Organizations with 501 (c) (3) status


Fortune 500 Companies Have Accountants Help Set Up Their Corporations…Why Don’t You?


Here at Cooper’s Accounting Service, we’re big enough to serve you and small enough to know you. We provide the same quality and caliber service as the big CPA firms, yet we’re local, very personable and very affordable.

Also, because we know the challenges that you face as a business owner, we provide timely solutions to help you at every stage of business development. In business, the right advice, at the right time, can mean the difference between success or failure of your company. No one can know everything.

The #1 Most Common Goof In Growing A Business

…Trying To Do Everything Yourself


This is why we provide tax and business consulting solutions for our clients as well. There will be times when you can’t figure out what to do, or you’d like to know what will get you the results that you want or you may even want an expert opinion on various business matters. This is where our tax and business consulting solutions prove to be most valuable.

TaXpert Consulting – Empowers you to pay the least amount in taxes, keep as much of your money as possible without the worry of audits, fines, penalties or imprisonment.

Our tax and business consulting is so solid that we give you our CAS Guarantee – If you’re audited by the IRS or FTB as a result of our consulting, we’ll represent you AT NO COST* (A $5,000 and up Value!)

Client Case Study – Business Entity Set Up

One of our clients was not aware that by legally forming his business entities in the state in which his companies revenue would be generated was to his advantage. It would also keep him in compliance with the state’s laws.

Our Business Advisory Services/ Consultative Services include:

  • Optimal financial strategies
  • Lowering your tax burden
  • Review and make suggestions for updating your business plan for business expansion
  • And more

If you need it and don’t see it on our website….Just ask.


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