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Starting A New Business Yet Don’t Have The Foggiest Idea Where To Start?


So you have decided to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. It is a very exciting time! So much possibility and potential. As a smart business owner though, you know you have to take steps to ensure that your business not only survives yet thrives. And this means proper planning and preparation.

The SBA reports that more than 50% of new businesses fail within the first year. Of the remaining number, only a 1/3rd are around after 5 years. So you may be wondering why do so many business fail? The answer…lack of preparation, planning and funding. This is exactly what a good accounting firm provides.


Other business owners experience a variety of situations that cause them to want to get an accountant or a new accountant. With complaints ranging from their current accountant retiring or making mistakes on their taxes to them not being happy with their accountant, we’ve heard them all. If you’ve worked with an accountant who never returns your messages or phone calls, overcharges you or even bills you for work they’ve never done, you may want to try something new and explore your options.


We Are Your “All-In-One”, “One Stop Shop” for Business Solutions!


Here at Cooper’s Accounting Service, our accountants are very experienced with helping to start up and grow both new and existing businesses. We know ALL of the potential pitfalls and perils that lie in wait for a new or existing business. More importantly, we know how to help you set up, plan and prepare for them and to maximize your chances for success.


We help you with every aspect of growing your business!




See for yourself why so many people choose Cooper’s Accounting Service for their accounting needs.

We provide a complete range of cost effective accounting services in Long Beach, CA including but not limited to the following:


  • Help you to determine the perfect business structure gives you the most tax advantages, legal protection, ease of operation and portability should you need to relocate.
  • Help you to select the right accounting software and setting up a fully compliant payroll and payroll tax filing when needed.
  • Prepare your quarterly and annual financial statements for acquiring financing.
  • Prepare financial reports and analysis to empower business owners
  • Prepare capital and operational budgets
  • Prepare Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Prepare Nonprofit client special reports
  • Cash flow and budgeting analysis
  • We can handle all of your Bookkeeping (Monthly / Quarterly / Annual)
  • Setup a home office so you can maximize your tax deductions (if applicable).
  • Full Service Customized Tax and Business Consulting to help you run and GRW your business the way you want.
* CAS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- If you are not happy with our service, we will give you a complete refund! Ask any other accounting firm if they’ll do the same!


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